Medical marijuana benefits for cancer patients

When our Dad was inspected with cancer, it was devastating for our family and I! All of us all felt confident that our Dad was going to be the exception and she would be able to beat cancer.

However, as time went on, we started to see how much fighting cancer was hurting her, but she was consistently experiencing side effects to her treatment, such as nausea, however it was so difficult to watch her suffer with this pain.

It seemed like there was nothing we could do, however we were wrong… Eventually, we had the method of getting our Dad some medical marijuana. All of us were willing to try anything to help her deal with her side effects, however research suggests that medical marijuana can decrease nausea and vomiting in cancer patients, when our Dad got on medical marijuana, she genuinely needed less medication. She was relying on so much pain management medication! Once she began taking medical marijuana, she acquired some level of pain management from the cannabis and was able to lower her intake of harder pain medications. Medical marijuana is also known to help treat neuropathic pain, which helps various cancer patients. I didn’t have much of an opinion regarding medical marijuana prior to this experience, however after seeing how much it helped our mom, I am now an advocate.


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