We got a free t shirt with our $200 order

Out west, the recreational marijuana dispensaries give away free stuff all of the time.

They frequently have specials like 20% off edibles or BOGO on marijuana concentrates.

They give out free pins, hats, and lanyards. I visited a lot of the states out west and I’ve been to more than a dozen different dispensaries. The medical marijuana dispensaries down south don’t offer any savings or specials. They only offer a first-time patient special. After that, they only offer sales or specials when there are new products, events, or anniversaries. There was a celebration last month for the holiday of 420. The holiday occurs on the 20th day of april. This well-known cannabis holiday attracts people from all over the place. In recreational marijuana states, there are huge parties and dispensaries giving away tons of free stuff. I was hanging out with some friends one year during 420 and we went to a dispensary on the west coast. We only spent $25 and I got a free gift bag with $100 worth of stuff inside. I spent 420 this year in my home state where only medical marijuana is legal. On the well-known holiday, the only sale the dispensary had was to get a free T-shirt If you spent $200. They didn’t have any BOGO sales or 20% savings. My girlfriend and I spent $200 so we could get the free t-shirt. We were hoping that it would be something nice that we could wear outside, but the quality was poor and the store logo was displayed all over the front and back of the shirt.

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