My friends had cannabis when I ran out before payday

I only make $800 a month, because I am on disability.

A car accident took away my ability to walk.

That $800 has to last the entire month. If I run out of money, there isn’t anybody there to give me a loan. My parents are both gone and I don’t talk to anyone else in my family. My wife and I divorced 20 years ago and my kids took her side. They barely talk to me either. When I need something, the only person I can rely on is myself. There are some occasions when I can also rely on my friends. I was thankful that my friends had cannabis this month, because I ran out before payday. I had to pay an extra bill at the electric company this month and I had $80 less in my budget. I didn’t get as much recreational and medical marijuana supplies as I needed and I ran out 5 days before I was going to get paid. One of my friends brought over a quarter ounce of marijuana and gave it to me for free. The guy grows marijuana in his house. He doesn’t usually give away stuff for free, so I was surprised. I was honestly going to ask the guy to give me a front. I wasn’t expecting him to come out of pocket with a whole quarter ounce of marijuana. I am super thankful to have guys like him in my life. I wanted to repay my buddy when I got my check, but he insisted that I pay it forward instead.


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