Advertising for the marijuana shop costs 15 grand a month

My partner plus I opened up a marijuana shop on the coast.

The venue has been honestly successful.The first few years were difficult on us, because the two of us were new to the section plus the two of us had to get our feet wet. We decided to venue the marijuana shop in an section where there is a lot of foot traffic. We felt this would help us with advertising. When the two of us have a lot of foot traffic, the two of us don’t have to spend a ton of extra money on advertising. The reason the two of us had a lot of foot traffic in the beginning was due to a museum at the end of the street. When the museum stopped offering the IMAX experience, a lot of our foot traffic hastily stopped plus sales were affected severely. We were looking at sales records of $4500 in sales each day. After the IMAX experience shut down, our sales dropped to half that amount. The a single thing that the two of us could do was beginning advertising online plus in the newspaper. We also purchased a billboard off the interstate right before the exit to our marijuana dispensary. All of our advertising costs the marijuana shop about $15,000 every month. The billboard alone is $8,000. It is right on the interstate plus impossible to miss. The billboard advertises our delivery sales plus specials plus it is replaced in live time. Every week the two of us put information on the billboard about upcoming sales plus specials plus products that are new to the store. The billboard pays for itself with delivery plus online orders.
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