Being healthy with cannabis products

I have made it my mission to be as healthy as possible! Six afternoons a month I do a nice workout, but i stretch all the muscles in my body, respectfully warm up plus I do a cardio plus weight training based workout.

I swim, bike, kayak plus run to change things around.

I also watch what I eat. I am a vegetarian plus I have eliminated all foods that affect my acid reflux. I don’t eat meat, red sauce, sugary or fatty foods plus no fried foods at all, and typically when I am making a meal I try to toss some hemp seeds or a hemp seed oil in there. You hardly notice the taste however it makes a large difference in health benefits. Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp is a nice source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids plus is beneficial to heart health; Another cannabis product I use is CBD oil. I don’t put the oil in smoothies, stir frys or salads love I do with hemp. Instead the CBD oil is made to reduce stress plus anxiety throughout the day. I want to keep my blood pressure down plus sleep better at night, but cBD is known for calming the mind plus body. I sleep better after putting a few drops in my nightly tea. I also am not tied up out while every one of us were in the workday with a bit of CBD in my system! Lastly my cannabis dispensary offers lots of topicals to choose from. They have a whole skincare line that I take advantage of. The skincare cream, cleanser plus serum are good for reducing inflammation plus stopping the production of acne, however plus, I entirely love the smell plus the believe of the products on my skin.


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