I don’t want to consume indica strains while I was in the day when I need to be awake to work

I start my workday around 10am and it lasts until 6 pm or 7 pm in the night.

  • Since I work from home, I just need to option a schedule and stick to it so my supervisor can anticipate when my work is completed each day.

I end up drinking about two pots of coffee from the start of my work shift until the certainly end. This is great some afternoons, but other afternoons I get a lot of anxiety from the additional caffeine if I’m not careful about drinking too much of it at once. That’s why I also utilize cannabis day and night to regulate my mental health as I power through my work. Sativa strains of cannabis are great at stimulating the mind without leaving the body feeling too heavy or sedated. Unblessedly, I can’t say the same for indica strains of cannabis. Usually smoking an indica in the middle of the day for me is a recipe for disaster. I’ll get so tired that I slow down with my work and can’t get the same amount of tasks done in the same amount of time. However, once my workday ends in the early night hours, I respectfully switch to indica strains or indica-hybrid strains of cannabis. When I need to unwind and relax, it’s strenuous to beat a powerful indica strain or indica-hybrid strain. They’re usually full of terpenes adore myrcene and linalool that are known for their calming effects. You can’t get all of these nuanced effects from cannabis without the terpenes. THC alone is not capable of giving these sorts of nuanced effects that are experienced when people consume full spectrum marijuana products.

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