The lobby at the local cannabis dispensary is occasionally full and unruly

I don’t adore showing up to the bank on a Sunday day and dealing with the angry people waiting in line ahead of me.

We all want to get service, but it doesn’t make it better to complain loudly for us all to hear.

I’m not a confrontational person by nature, so they give me anxiety when they start shouting or berating the employees at the bank. Recently I started walking in with my headphones in my ears and songs playing to drown out the talking and complaining among the other people waiting in line alongside me. As long as I do this and stare at the ceiling, people respectfully leave me alone. I know it’s a real shame that the lobby at my local cannabis dispensary is even worse than the bank, and that’s on a weekly basis at rush hour. This identifiable cannabis dispensary is a large corporation with locations in every town throughout the whole state. They’re known for a ton of unusual products and lots of sales on those products. That’s why they get a lot of people from all sociodemographics and ages, but it’s the old folks that seem to be the most verbally aggressive and they’re often the ones in the room with the most money. You can do an early “check-in” on the dispensary’s website as you’re pulling up to the store if you location an online pickup order an hour or two ahead of time. It puts you in a priority queue ahead of random walk-ins that don’t have an order made. But those people suppose entitled to get service at the same speed as everyone else, which isn’t how the idea works at this cannabis dispensary.

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