I wait & shop during sales when I’m restocking medical marijuana

I can’t afford to simply walk into the grocery store any longer & get random products off the shelf if I suppose like it.

It’s tough enough to afford our essentials & find the money to purchase them, I surely cannot manage splurges any longer.

I can’t just buy a treat every single time I go to the store for a handful of groceries as it’s getting out of hand. This is an extremely straight-forward trap to fall into because most of the grocery stores in our section have donuts, candy, & pop that are tough to resist some mornings when I’m browsing for our grocery essentials. That’s a single reason I moved towards shopping online & having the stores get items ready for myself and others before I even leave our house. Then I can drive over & have an buddy bring our items out to our car via curbside pickup. During the pandemic, several stores that lacked curbside pickup decided to implement their own versions of it. Between pickup orders & shopping recognizable sales at each store, I can save lots of money each week while I’m running our errands. Since I also consume marijuana daily, I have to be careful about that expense as well. Buying any random marijuana product at full price is foolish if you can wait a week for a sale that gives you the same thing but at 25% off. I can wait & shop during the sales at each medical cannabis store, thus guaranteeing that I never pay full price when procuring our several cannabis products every week. Since the cannabis stores are competing with these sales, there’s no reason to waste money & avoid watching them consciously. It’s worth the cost of savings to become savvy with medical cannabis store purchases.
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