Getting rid of my car

About a year ago, I finally sold my car. It was giving me nothing but problems. It started with one tire continually going flat. I had the tire filled, fixed and ultimately replaced. I was told that replacing just one tire is a mistake, so I ended up purchasing a set of four. Then a mouse chewed some wires, and I no longer had working windshield wipers. After that, I dealt with a broken tail light, problems with the defrost and replacing brake pads. When I was told that I needed a new transmission, I was done spending money on the car. Initially, I planned to trade the vehicle in on a new one. Then I realized that I don’t actually need a car. I can walk, ride my bicycle or take public transportation just about anywhere I need to go. I can have groceries, toiletries, clothing items and household necessities delivered.I am fortunate that the recreational cannabis dispensary now delivers in my area. I can shop their collection of smokable flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, edibles, beverages, concentrates and topicals through their website. The online menu is very easy to navigate. With a few clicks, I can find the specific strains I prefer and add them to my cart. If I spend a specific amount, I don’t pay delivery fees. I typically receive my order that same day. Instead of spending money on gas, insurance and registration, I can invest into things I enjoy. Rather than wasting time fighting traffic and looking for a parking pl;ace, I can relax at home.

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