My best neighbor was telling everyone I was a pothead.

I had been using medical marijuana for about a year, before I told anyone I was using it.

I didn’t want anyone to suppose I was using medical marijuana because of the stigma put on anyone who used it, whether it was legal or illegal.

I talked to my mother about my using medical marijuana, however she said nothing to anyone. I was making a batch of gummies from the CBD product I got at the dispensary. I wasn’t expecting anyone at my apartment, plus I cautiously looked out the peephole. I forgot all about the gummies when I looked out plus saw my best neighbor sitting outside.I pulled the door open, plus remembered about the marijuana gummies I was making. I didn’t guess my neighbor would say anything, but I was wrong. I was talking to a mutual neighbor of mine plus she almost laughed in my face. I asked what was so funny when she said she never thought I would turn into a pothead. I had always been the a single who refused to smoke pot when the two of us were younger, and she said she wasn’t surprised because still waters do run deep plus walked away. It humiliated me… Who would have thought that my best neighbor would talk about myself and others when I wasn’t around? I was planning to go to a gathering the following afternoon, but knowing my ‘friend’ was going to be there had myself and others refusing to go. I couldn’t face hearing everyone tell myself and others I was a pothead.because I was using medical marijuana for my MS..
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