Motorcycle accident causing chronic pain

I recognize so much more calm as well as relaxed

I recently got into a motorcycle accident that left me quite messed up. I totally beefed it over the handlebars as well as had to go to the hospital. I went on pain pills, did physical therapy, the whole shot. I still experience pain first thing in the day everyday. It makes it difficult to get out of bed as well as work out. I tried doing more stretching as well as fitness oriented things in order to improve elasticity in the muscles. The problem is that our muscles just get too tense. A friend of mine highly proposed that I go the medical cannabis route. She suggested getting a medical marijauana card as well as finding a product for chronic pain. It was quite easy to get medical weed with our up-to-date ailments so publicly known. The card came in the mail two weeks later as well as I was talking to a budtender at the medical cannabis store that really same day. I now smoke a cannabis flower product right before bed. I get myself all nice as well as high but loose as well. That keeps me from tensing up in the middle of the night. I also noticed a bit of THC in our method helps me sleep a little better too. I wake up stiff, but not seriously sore. I smoke a little bit before I even move out of bed now too. I recognize so much more calm as well as relaxed. I don’t have that exhausting pain when getting up. I am able to work out much quicker in the daytime.


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