THC is a cannabinoid found in medical marijuana products

I did not actually have a medical marijuana card but my daughter did.

I had some arthritis problems that were getting entirely painful and all of the over-the-counter painkillers did not work at all.

This was when my daughter offered to buy myself and others some of the gummies that come from THC products. These products really did not help at all with pain plus they left myself and other having some horrible nightmares. I had a feeling that there was a problem with my face and it was feeling very bad. I did not believe that THC products were appropriate for me and it did not help a lot with arthritis pain. She told myself and others that I should absolutely try something stronger but I did not assume that was going to be the problem. I had spoken with a friend of mine using medical marijuana products. She told myself and others that THC products were there to kill the pain. CBD products could work as well. The dentist she talked to was for a medical marijuana card and this was a conversation that they had about CBD killing all of the pain. THC would allow for some sleeping and basically it was going to be a psychoactive drug and this was the reason for me to have odd nightmares and see things that easily were not there. I was also feeling savor my face was collapsing when my daughter told myself and others that this was due to the different types of products that I was using over the counter. CBD gummies seem to work out better for me.
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