My daughter thought I had turned into a pothead.

For two years, I had been using medical marijuana.

The strongest thing I bought from the dispensary was a CBD product that was only 3% THC and wouldn’t make me high.

My husband was the only person who knew I had been using CBD. My daughter came into the house one afternoon, before I had everything put away. She took one look at my bag from the marijuana dispensary; and you would have sworn I was pointing a gun at her. Her eyes widened, and she put her hand to her mouth. I almost laughed because she looked a woman from one of those horrible horror films. When she whispered, I had become a pothead, I almost lost it. After rolling my eyes, I quietly told her it was CBD. Although I bought it at the local marijuana dispensary, it was just CBD. I couldn’t figure out why I had to explain myself to my daughter, or why she was acting like I was a criminal. I knew her when she and her friends smoked pot every day, and I said nothing to her. I was afraid that if I made a thing about her smoking, it would become even worse. After a while, she quit with the marijuana on her own, and I was sure she hadn’t touched a single drug since. I knew how much she liked her wine, however. She said that if I didn’t quit using marijuana, she would take away my grandkids. I lost my cool. I’m not sure she was ready for the truth, but she apologized and said it was okay to use CBD.


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