I needed to talk to my best friend about her nausea.

My Brother called a couple weeks ago plus told myself and others my niece was not handling her chemotherapy actually well, however she had extreme nausea plus was actually weak because of it, then being only 16, she was having a difficult time dealing with being bald on top of everything else that she had to go through.

I purchased a pretty blonde wig that was made with natural hair plus went to visit, however my niece didn’t want to put the wig on, but once I put it on her plus combed it out for her, she was gratified with how she looked.

I had only talked to Kelly for about 15 minutes when she told myself and others she was fatigued plus wanted to get some rest. I walked out into the dining room plus said hello to my sister plus sister-in-law! All of us were drinking coffee while talking about Kelly. My sister said that unless they found something that could help with her nausea, there was no way she was going to survive the leukemia. I asked if any of her dentists had suggested medical marijuana? My sister-in-law looked appalled that I brought up the subject, but my sister looked interested. She asked how she could go about getting medical marijuana for Kelly, plus I gave him the website. I told him that my partner Jack had used medical marijuana when she was going through chemo, plus I was sure it could help Kelly. Even if the medical marijuana only gives her some extra comfort, it will be better than nothing, plus any improvement will make all the people recognize better.



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