MS symptoms managed better with cannabis products

I hear the term new normal being used quite often in reference to finding our way during the pandemic.

And I think that is an apt term.

I’ve been finding our new normal for about 5 years now. That’s how long it’s been since I was inspected with MS. With the medical marijuana benefits for MS symptoms widely recognized, I too can attest to the help I’ve gained from cannabis products. My new normal easily includes cannabis flower products to help me manage some of our symptoms. The specialist I was referred to recommended cannabis products & the medicines that I take. For sure, it’s not like I’m going to not have MS by using medical cannabis. But the medical marijuana facts are that our condition is managed so much better when treating with medical cannabis. I was a bit hesitant to use cannabis products. My hubby was key in helping me get started with the cannabis flower products that are now area of our every day. He was a weed smoker back in the day so he helped me figure out the actual biweekly logistics of using cannabis flower products for our MS. One of the things that is most impressive when it comes to the cannabis products I use is range of motion & good muscle stiffness. I do stretching exercises along with yoga & meditation to improve our range of motion. Medical cannabis is key to this effort. It’s amazing how I’m able to negotiate odd poses & stretches without spasm or muscles locking up due to stiffness. Of course, the medical cannabis also has other very important benefits for me psychically & emotionally. Being 31 & finding out you have an incurable condition isn’t simple. Medical cannabis also provides me with a feeling that this too shall pass.

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