Medical marijuana is so helpful with my fibromyalgia

The body and the mind are absolutely remarkable.

But there are times when they don’t labor together and almost seem to be at odds with each other. At least that’s the case for me when it comes to my inflammatory condition. Thanks to cannabis products from the legal weed store, I’m able minimize the worst of my symptoms while maximizing the best of my perspective and hopeful trajectory. That has been key in my ability to keep going and learn to manage fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia or fibro is a sort of catch all diagnosis. It’s a condition where there is widespread muscle, joint and connective tissue pain. It’s not fun and it’s not arthritis either. This is what makes fibro so tough to understand and then ultimately manage. There is medical marijuana benefits for fibro and I believe much of it has to do with the fact that cannabis products labor to lessen inflammation and relax my soul. The research on fibro seems to show the connection between stress and inflammation. This is a sizable connection and that’s where the medical marijuana easily comes into play. I’m much better at being able to deal with life now that I have a tool to labor with. Fibro can put me down and put me down for mornings on end. That was before I started treating with the cannabis gummies I get from the legal weed store. Using the cannabis products allows me to get deeper into my stretches with added range of motion. And the safer, calming and positive feelings I get with the cannabis gummies reduce my stress which in turn reduces my fibro symptoms.



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