Considering getting my medical cannabis card

I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal but recreational weed is not. I’ve debated going through the process of getting my MMJ card. I’ve gone online plus looked into the opening many times. I simply google search plus many licensed dentists names, locations plus phone numbers come up. It’s actually self-explanatory to book an appointment online. However, I’d need to take the day off from work, drive thirty minutes plus spend multiple hundred dollars. I could then qualify for a card that would last for one year. It would supply access to the multiple dispensaries in the area. I’d be able to choose from cannabis-infused edibles, beverages, smokable flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, topicals plus concentrates. I don’t suffer any major medical troubles even though I do deal with many small complications. I get migraines plus muscle cramps in my calves. I have arthritis in my fingers plus psoriasis on my elbows plus knees. I have been unwilling to take synthetic medicines due to the long-range side-effects. I suppose that I could benefit greatly by taking cannabis for my ailments. It is a natural remedy that works by connecting with receptors of the endocannabinoid plan in the body. The body entirely creates natural cannabinoids actually similar to those found in the cannabis plant. I keep hoping that my state will legalize recreational cannabis. It is a fast-growing industry that brings in a great deal of money. It would be severely lucrative for the state. I worry that I will finally get my MMJ card plus recreational cannabis will be allowed almost simultaneously.
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