Nearly free of anxiety with help from cannabis products

Had I known the medical marijuana benefits for anxiety would be this good, I’d have punted the meds a long time ago.

I’ve lived with anxiety or the resulting depression about as long as I can remember.

There are flashes of memory where I remember feeling sort of hopeful plus delighted. But I was a little child then plus I wouldn’t think anything even remotely like that again until I was able to figure out how to get our medical marijuana card; For sure, I tried to learn to manage anxiety so I could at least have any kind of life. But that’s not exactly living is it? Prior to going to a cannabis event, I hadn’t heard of the medical marijuana benefits for anxiety. But after that cannabis event, I was intrigued enough to go find out how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, it has been an upward trajectory. I found a more holistic based therapist. She helps me bring the whole me to the table not just our emotional behaviors. Along with using cannabis flower products, I focus on meditation, regular diet plus exercise. Then both of us focus on our emotions plus behaviors as well. But I like the fact that I’m seeing myself as a whole man plus not just the broken parts. For sure, there has been tremendous change. Some of it has been a real challenge however some of it has been ever so welcome. Just being off all those meds plus using something natural like cannabis flower products is just so much better for our body. I’m finally free of so several side effects plus terrible stuff. It’s a real relief.


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