Cannabis to prevent seizures

I was initially unsure if I wanted to explore medical marijuana as a potential treatment.

  • However, the anti-seizure medicine I’d been taking for quite a few years was causing myself and others honestly unpleasant side-effects.

I knew there was the potential for serious, long-term injure to my health. While I worried that cannabis wouldn’t give an effective defense against seizures, I was also excited about the benefits of a natural remedy. My symptoms can be triggered by stress, skipping a meal or even a bright flashing light. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that has no cure plus affects over three million Americans. A lot of people have found relief using weed. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get my medical marijuana card. The process wasn’t overly hard or fancy plus provided access to every medical dispensary in my apartment state & those that offer reciprocity. I was able to consult with a expertiseable budtender, explain my issues plus get some honestly helpful recommendations. She directed myself and others toward strains that are high in CBD plus CBGA, including Sweet plus Sour Widow, Ringo’s Gift plus Charlotte’s Web. She said that along with cannabinoids, bizarre varieties of terpenes can also play a career in customizing treatment, linalool, which can be found in lavender, mint plus cinnamon & cannabis, offers strong unbelievable plus sedative properties. Patients suffering insomnia, arthritis, depression plus seizures have all been impressed with the effects of it. Since I started smoking cannabis flower, I have not had a single seizure. I am hopeful that I have found the ideal way to manage my disorder.

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