The customer tried to get the delivery driver to stay

Every once in a while there is a situation that gets out of hand at work; As supervisor of the marijuana dispensary & delivery service, it’s our job to make sure that all of these problems do not affect the corporation from one afternoon to the next, however when one of our employees started dating another one of our employees, I warned the kids not to let the relationship affect their job performance, eventually both of the kids ended up breaking off the relationship & then they wanted to be on separate shifts.

I told them that I was not going to make any special schedules just because they can’t get along anymore.

I had an issue with the delivery driver a couple of afternoons ago… This was much different than that issue with the employees in the store, but it involved a relationship! One of the regular clients tried to get a delivery driver to stay when the guy delivered the marijuana products. The employee was so uncomfortable that he contacted the marijuana dispensary & asked for myself and others directly. I thought the people I was with and I were going to need to get the police involved, but our delivery driver was finally able to persuade the drunk woman to let him leave. That was honestly one of the strangest & most bizarre incidents that I have ever had to deal with. The poor delivery driver did not want to go on any more deliveries that evening & I sent him up-to-date home early. From one afternoon to the next, I never suppose what is going to happen at work. That is one of the reasons why I appreciate the job so much.



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