Changing to a vape since smoking flower is messy

I started off my cannabis journey as a strict flower smoker, however i wanted to save money and instead of buying pre-rolls, I did my own rolling process.

I had to buy an ashtray, grinder, rolling papers, and of course the actual flower.

It was high-priced to start and a mess to maintain. There is so much waste when you roll your own. I am not a careful guy. I regularly tend to make the joint way too large and after that my associate and I can’t roll it respectfully! Half of it is vacuumed up by me the next morning, then once my weed hits the rug, it is considered contaminated. I was sick of losing all my products and I wasn’t a sizable fan of flower form. I ended up going to the recreational cannabis dispensary near me and asking for a recommendation. The budtender was lovely and steered me towards the right product. He highly requested that I try cannabis oil instead. This uses a vape rather than rolling papers. It is user-friendly since you just push a button that heats the oil. It is healthier since all the harmful carcinogens are being burned away. I like the lack of cleanup as well. I only have the vape, cartridge, and the lanyard I keep it on. That is it. I don’t lose half my product anymore. The tidy aspect alone would be why I would convert to solely using oil… But, there are just too many benefits to ignore. I would never go back to smoking a flower again.


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