Need to use topicals after carrying my son

My baby girl is not quite a year old and is already 23 pounds. Typically I put him on one hip if I want to get anything done. I can vacuum, make lunch, disinfect windows, and put away dishes holding him to one side. My daughter doesn’t help me out at all. She doesn’t hang on slender or wrap her legs around. She sort of dangles like a limp sack of potatoes, then every now and then she gets it in her mind that it is a fantastic idea to dive bomb towards the floor. I then scramble to catch him. I am not a small woman, but I am not large either. I can’t genuinely handle holding 23 pounds of dead weight all day long. I have gotten so sore. My neck, shoulders, and back especially kill me… When my daughter wakes me up in the middle of the evening, I can barely pick him up. I have started looking into cannabis topicals for pain relief. They reduce inflammation in the body and promote muscle salvagey. I genuinely need to get my hands on some cream. I also believe I might dabble in cannabis bath bombs as well. I like to sometimes soak at the end of the evening while my daughter is in bed. I would like something to further promote salvagey… Right now I am lifting weights too in order to try and build some more muscle. I feel like if I was stronger I could be more conditioned to holding that heavy weight for longer periods of time.

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