The benefits of the cannabis loyalty program

The first time he went to the cannabis dispensary, the sales lady at the counter tried to convince him about joining their loyalty program.

He quickly dismissed this offer and paid no attention, because he knew it would mean adding an additional 30 bucks on a monthly basis.

It appears as though each store has a loyalty program running now. This involves filling a membership form and also paying extra cash to enjoy the said perks! He didn’t need all the extra stress since all Ricky wanted was to get stoned. Some weeks later he was back in the same shop, and this time listened to the budtender as she pitched the said program to him again. He realized that by paying 30 bucks every month he would end up saving at least 50 bucks on cannabis eventually. Considering the fact that he smokes a lot of marijuana, and that the members of the program get 15% off their purchases. The 15% didn’t sound like a lot when starting off but when he calculated the amount of cannabis he buys, he realized that he was losing money! Over and above the discounts on cannabis products, the program comes with extra services for the members. If one places an order through the cannabis dispensary website, they get a fully packaged and ready product at the front counter by the time they get to the store. This means you don’t even have to wait in line. You just grab the cannabis and go, all thanks to the privileges of the membership. Ricky wished he would have joined the cannabis loyalty program a long time ago but he had no idea it was this great.


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