Some years ago the state finally legalized medical cannabis

In college there was a woman named Sam who lived right next to campus. She didn’t own a car, didn’t have a job, and didn‘t go to school. All Sam did was sell weed to the college students. Sam had lived in the same apartment for over 21 years, because weed is an inelastic market and there is always a high demand for it in any college town. Some years ago the state finally legalized medical cannabis, and we assumed that would put Sam out of business, but we were wrong. In fact, we have kept going back to Sam for cannabis ever since we graduated, because her prices can’t be beat. As much as we cherish the concept of the cannabis dispensary, they charge over twice as much for weed, and we just can’t afford that. Sometimes one of the local cannabis shops will have a sizable event or a special sale, and then we will show up and see what they have to offer. Most of the time even the discounted cannabis is still more luxurious than Sam’s strains. There are so many strains of cannabis we’ve heard about however never tried – like OG kush, Purple Haze, Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookies. Sam doesn’t have any of those. She may not have the greatest cannabis in the world, and is limited in terms of selection, however she always sells top quality weed that gets us nice and stoned. We are sure the cannabis at the dispensary is more powerful, and better tasting, however it’s simply too luxurious!