Candies and edibles infused with marijuana

I got a call from one of our edible manufacturers.

The retailer supplies our dispensary with eight different types of edibles.

The retailer supplies gummies, difficult candies, licorice, cookies, brownies, and three different types of chocolate. All of these items are infused with marijuana that comes from the facility. There was a problem at the facility and the state came into the marijuana factory to evaluate the issue. While they were there, they found mold in numerous samples. As soon as they found mold and samples, all of the products shipped from the retailer had to be returned. I had all of the items on the shelves when I acquired the excruciating news. I instantly told the front counter budtenders to detach all of the items from the brand. The retailer paid for shipping and all of the products had to be returned to the sender. I didn’t keep any of the products from the retailer, but I wish that I had. It would have been nice to open up a couple of bags to see if they were affected or not. I am sure that we sold some of the items. We tried to reach out to the customers so they were aware of the complications. Thankfully our software and tracking system keeps meticulous records of each customer’s order. It wasn’t difficult to find out exactly who purchased the edibles. We called each person to let them know that they should bring the edible candy or gummy product back to the dispensary for a full refund of the purchase price.
Cannabis edibles