Cannabis trip is indeed a trip

But we had no clue just what an awesome time we were in for

One thing that comes from working for the same company over several decades is plenty of vacation time. I don’t think they even call it vacation time any longer. It’s all lumped in together as paid time off these days. Regardless, my wife and I have just over 6 weeks a year in time off. And with some of that time, we just got back from our first cannabis vacation. Both of us have always enjoyed recreational marijuana since we discovered cannabis in college. While we have both worked for the same large, multi-national company, we’ve been very careful to fly under the radar when it comes to using cannabis products. We live in a state that doesn’t even recognize medical marijuana. So the idea that we’ll have access to shopping for marijuana for sale any time soon is most unlikely. We’ve been sort of lucky as we know a cannabis grower who grows marijuana as a passion. She provides us with the sativa and indica strains we like. Yet, the idea of going to a cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale was just so enticing. That’s when it finally dawned on us to take at least one vacation a year to visit states that allow for recreational marijuana. We figured that this would be a lot of fun. But we had no clue just what an awesome time we were in for. We met so many wonderful people in all the local cannabis spots. On top of that, we were able to sample so many new cannabis strains for sale. We’re still enjoying the afterglow from just the best vacation ever.



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