The mailbox wasn't harmd but the pole was crushed

Last Monday, my pal and I had two inches of rain plus it fell in a short amount of time.

I was working at the marijuana dispensary.

I usually labor as a delivery driver on Mondays plus Wednesday evenings. Fridays are my afternoon off plus Sunday plus Monday I labor in the front of the store. When I supply on Monday plus Wednesday evenings, I usually make a heap of currency. The buyers like to tip well, especially when there is a lot of rain plus annoyed weather. I do not mind driving around in the rain plus fog, especially when there are easily relaxing tips plus nice buyers. I make front door deliveries when there is rain. There’s no way I would get great tips if I made that buyers walk out to the street when it was pouring. When I was working on Monday, I went to a residential address that has up on the hill. I parked near the bottom, because I was distraught about sliding plus slipping. I have a manual motorcar plus on the hill it can be taxing to get into gear when the road is slippery plus wet. I had trouble this time plus I ended up crashing into a customer’s mailbox. The guy was really frustrated, even when I provided to replace the pole the next afternoon. The mailbox wasn’t harmd at all, plus the pole would have been really straight-forward to replace. The guy said he was going to call his insurance business instead. I would have been cheerful to buy a replacement pole plus do the work.

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