The medical marijuana helps with my insomnia troubles

I have not been able to sleep really well for the last couple of months.

I have had a lot of stress at labor plus it has been taxing to fall asleep plus stay asleep for more than a couple of hours.

Medical marijuana helps a lot with my insomnia troubles. I went to the doctor plus I told him that I was having trouble sleeping. The first thing that he asked was if I tried some over-the-counter remedies. I had tried everything plus nothing worked. The doctor told me to go to the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary to purchase something with CBD. The doctor did not propose Medical marijuana, but it was in the dispensary plus one of the products that the budtender proposed to me. The budtender listened to everything that I had to say when I explained my troubles with insomnia plus sleeplessness. The guy seemed to be generally interested in everything that I was saying plus he was a really great salesman; He talked to me into $200 worth of THC plus CBD products when I was only going to buy one item to try. One of the first things that I had was a 1:1 product. The cannabis plus CBD product had 5 mg of THC plus 5 mg of CBD. I had one of the gummies about an hour before I went to bed; After 3 evenings of gummies, I had the first great evening of rest in 3 months. I have tried a couple of the weird products that I purchased, plus there are some clear number ones already.

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