I appreciate medical cannabis flower products the most

When I first started using cannabis, I did not have access to all these deranged products like tinctures and dabbing concentrates! All I could buy was Cannabis flower buds and hashish back then when I was still in university.

I just wanted access to legal cannabis, I wasn’t thinking about all of the amazing products that are available this week.

Honestly, I just entirely wanted to be able to buy cannabis separate from ever worrying that I might go to jail or lose my job as a result. That was the major thing on my mind when cannabis was still illegal. Then many years ago my state was able to vote on medical marijuana. And to my surprise, my wonderful friend and I voted and passed medical marijuana; Now I have access to a whole assortment of unusual medical marijuana products but I appreciate cannabis flower buds the most. Even though cannabis flower products are the same thing I have been using since I started using marijuana, I appreciate the full spectrum effects I get from them compared to other cannabis products like cannabis oil, but sometimes if there has too much THC and not enough terpenes I don’t get the same medical benefits from the cannabis product. I have tried dabbing cannabis concentrates however that doesn’t provide me the same results that I want either. The Cannabis flower products are often the best for getting me the medical effects for my mental health issues versus something like strict pain for instance. When I’m trying to treat pain, sporadically all I need is a entirely strong THC product. It’s not a large complication if the terpene percentage is lower than cannabis flower products.

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