Why I want to add a smokers lounge to the cannabis shop

When I was having a few drinks with my old college buddy Hector, he inadvertently gave me a great idea.

As we were catching up on old times, Hector mentioned how he used to have a drinking problem but managed to get it under control. This was humorous because he said it over a cocktail! His point was that once or twice a week he would go out and have a social drink, but he never kept alcohol in his home. I realized that this was a brilliant insight, because if it’s true for booze, it must also be true for cannabis. How many people out there enjoy smoking a little cannabis once in a while, but don’t feel comfortable having weed in their home? This led me to start planning my new smokers lounge, to adjoin my cannabis dispensary. I believe a lot of folks would enjoy stopping by to enjoy cannabis for a while before heading home. These are people that otherwise would never come to the cannabis dispensary, because they don’t want to make a big purchase. My shop carries 18 different premium cannabis strains, blends, and hybrids, so offering single pre-rolled joints would be a huge seller! Some people go to a gas station to buy one cigarette, so why wouldn’t people want to come to a smokers lounge to enjoy a single joint of Purple Haze, OG Kush, Bubble Gum Fire, Sativa Supreme, or Acapulco Gold? Thanks to Hector I think I have discovered an untapped region of the cannabis market, and a great way to boost profits.

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