Making cannabis deliveries

I only make cannabis deliveries so I can smoke for free.

The old expression goes “don’t get high on your own supply” but that was all I ever did! I didn’t care about running a business or turning a profit, I just wanted to move enough product so that I could get high for free.

It was the same thing as having a job, only instead of getting a paycheck I got free cannabis. Considering how much weed I smoke everyday, this requires a lot of work! The guy I work for is a local dealer named Ben, who runs a small farm and uses me as a delivery guy. Ben’s operation is illegal and cash-based, so neither one of us worry too much about paying taxes. Every weekend I spent a few hours making cannabis deliveries throughout this rural area, and in return I got a nice fat sack of homegrown weed. Another bonus is that I get to spend a lot of time driving, which really calms me. As a matter of common sense I never get high while I am making my cannabis deliveries. I need to stay sharp, since technically I am committing a crime I need to make sure I don’t get pulled over by the cops, who would find my felony quantity of cannabis in the trunk. Since I am a good driver I never had any issues, and always made my cannabis runs on time. Some of the customers would even tip me, in cash or in cannabis, and that always made my day.
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