All of our customer information is at a secure data storage center

This time my pal and I opted to go with a multi-level security system that will never be infiltrated

Security is absolutely pressing, especially when you have information for thousands of clients for patients! Hospitals have to constantly worry about patient security, but doctors and dentists have to worry as well! Even locales like the marijuana shop have to be distraught about having your patient information secure and safe. I work at a data storage center and all of the information for thousands of marijuana dispensaries is kept in one building; Most of the time it is undoubtedly quiet and there is never anything interesting going on; Last year there was an attempt to infiltrate the software and the secured data storage center was hacked, but someone created a software program to get into the database from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. It was undoubtedly a competitor trying to receive our client information so they can send them promotional and advertising materials, this is a type of thing that has happened in the past. It’s not usually something that gets through to this level, however the hacker was exceptionally fantastic at these programs, but when I was alerted of the attack, I instantly shut down our software, then unfortunately, it was too late to stop the attack certainly and all my pal and I could do was provide up. My friend and I had to shut down the entire data feed in order to keep the hacker from getting all of the materials, then after that calamity, my pal and I had to rewrite all of the code for the marijuana dispensaries. This time my pal and I opted to go with a multi-level security system that will never be infiltrated. It has five passkeys and encryption.

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