I didn't find any edibles that were actually made from live resin

Live resin edibles are my favorite… Live resin edibles are made from plant matter that has been extracted from the cannabis sativa plant while it is still alive.

Live resin is typically made using a particularly careful extraction process.

Live resin edibles are usually more costly than basic gummies or hard candies. Live resin concentrates are also more costly than a basic product, because they are severely potent and contain all of the plant’s natural terpenes plus medicinal qualities. I finally went to the cannabis shop near me to find live resin edibles plus I was actually disappointed. I didn’t find any edibles at all that were made from live resin. The woman behind the counter told me that they only carry one brand of live resin edibles plus they were completely out; then she didn’t know when they were going to be back in stock, so that was severely disappointing. I had to drive all the way to the cannabis shop that is situated on the north side of town. I knew they had an immense selection of live resident edibles, but I didn’t want to make the 35 minute drive. I wish the place provided delivery services, but the cheap prices make it an option for only shops. I was hoping to find the product closer to home, but the northside shop had a dozen weird flavors. I picked out a couple of weird live resin edibles, however one was flavored like yellows plus that was a sativa plus another was flavored like blackberries plus that was an indica. It was nice to have an immense selection of products that I like.



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