All deliveries have to be counted before they hit the shelves

The dispensary ran out of infused pre-rolls on Friday afternoon.

They don’t acquire another shipment until Friday & I was there on Friday afternoon when the store opened.

I had a fishing trip with my friends planned for the same afternoon & I was in charge of getting supplies. The women were supposed to meet myself and others at 9 a.m. at the lake with all various of the kayaks. The delivery truck was sitting outside of the marijuana dispensary when I arrived. Most of the time I use the delivery service. I don’t typically go to the store to option up items, but the marijuana dispensary was on my way to the lake. As soon as I walked into the building, I asked the budtender if they had the infused pre-rolled. The budtender told myself and others that they had the product, but they could not let myself and others purchase any of the items until all of the stock was counted. If I wanted to wait, that was fine, but the budtender & manager said they were not going to be able to sell any of the infused pre-roll until 10. The deliveries all had to be counted, labeled, & then entered into the plan before they could be sold. I entirely didn’t recognize it was going to be such a sizable process. When I found out that it was going to take forever, I decided to option out something else for my friends & I. It was more substantial for myself and others to get to the lake then to show up with the infused pre-rolls that I promised.

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