Cannabis consultant for layout help

There are a lot of reasons to hire a cannabis dispensary consulting service. I hired the cannabis consultant specifically to fix my dispensary layout. I know that sounds weird but I couldn’t get my store to be functional. I have very limited space and my state requires me to have restricted/limited access areas. This is for packing, distribution and behind the scenes work we don’t want customers to see. Every diepsnary needs to have a private area to do certain tasks. Due to this, my space isn’t all that big to store all my products. I noticed that people always seemed to be cramped and knocking over products. If there was even one customer in line to purchase a product, it was a big issue. I called the marijuana consulting service to give me a better layout. The marijuana consultant was really good at it. He kicked me out of the space for a week and got to work. I was amazed when I came back. He made our cash register set up half the size. We now can sell off ipads using the square app and there is one main cash register for non card transactions. This eliminated all the standing around, waiting in line. Now the budtender can pick up an ipad and place the order for someone. The cannabis consultant also changed my shelving. I never realized how wide all my shelves were. The marijuana consultant changed my shelving into recessed cubbies and floor to ceiling glass display cases. The dispensary feels so big and open now.

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