Why I care about working at the cannabis dispensary

Potheads are nice people, by as well as large.

I toil in a weed shop, all afternoon every afternoon I deal with people who are either stoned, or about to get stoned. I care about my job. These are kind hearted people with nice senses of humor, as well as they make it fun to go to work. I have worked a lot of retail sales positions over the years, however this one at the cannabis dispensary is easily the best one ever… Let me provide you a perfect example of why I care about to toil here. A few weeks ago someone abandoned a cardboard box full of kittens behind the shop… One of the clients told me about it. I was angry that someone would dump baby kittens like that. On the other hand, I couldn’t adopt so several creatures myself. I took a pic of the kittens, as well as showed it to every shopper who came into the cannabis dispensary. I told everyone about the kittens, as well as said if they adopted one as well as took it apartment then I would provide them a $25 gift card to the cannabis dispensary. I had three people take me up on the offer, as well as I provided them each a gift card for the cannabis shop. At the end of the afternoon I saw that all the kittens were gone. Other cannabis clients had adopted them, not for a gift card, however just because it was the kind thing to do. This is why I suppose potheads are pretty amazing, as well as why I always want to toil at this cannabis dispensary.

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