Flower is my favorite consumption method

My favorite cannabis consumption method is smoking.

I like visiting the dispensary plus checking out what’s new, what’s popular plus the amazing variety of strains available.

I am blessed that the dispensary in closest proximity to my apartment focuses heavily on dried flower; They have their own grow operation that includes both sun grown plus redapartment grown plants. This allows them to take the plants from seed to sale plus be especially recognizable about quality plus safety. Along with their own strains, they showcase all of the local growers plus most sought after brands. They sell an abundance of indicas, sativas plus hybrids. There are strains with incredibly high THC potency plus those that feature a greater ratio of CBD. I have my choice of effects, but some of the strains are better for getting motivated for a workout, hike or project around the house. Some help to relax, de-stress plus combat anxiety. I have recognizable strains I like to help me sleep, treat a migraine or hang out with friends, however with practice, I’ve gotten quite nice at rolling a great joint. I have learned how much weed to pack plus how tightly to roll to ensure a smooth plus consistent burn; However, the process requires extra gear, such as rolling papers plus a griner. It also creates a bit of a mess plus some waste. There are times when I care about pre-rolls because of their simplicity. I can buy a single pre-roll to try something modern or a whole pack of favorites. They are affordable, portable plus perfect every time. The dispensary carries pre-rolls filled with top-shelf flower plus cheaper occasions filled with shake. They sell varieties infused with concentrate for added potency.

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