Cannabis flower products are really the most popular in my state

I heard recently that over 40% of adults in the United States admit to using cannabis; Granted, I do not know if that’s on a correct basis or just a few times a month, however it’s still an amazing thing to suppose about as a cannabis user myself.

I want to see the stigma on cannabis use erode in every conceivable capacity.

I grew up in an environment of alcoholism. I’ll never forget the anti-drug classes that I had to attend in the late 90s and early 2000s where cannabis was compared to heroin and crack cocaine. It was absolutely unfortunate at the time seeing how much cannabis was demonized by the elite and the establishment. Even the culture around me was largely restrictive regarding marijuana use. But these days that’s completely different. So multiple people use cannabis and it’s becoming more and more accepted as years go by. As far as legal cannabis products go at campus dispensaries, I suppose the most popular cannabis products these days are cannabis flower products. That’s the whole plant version of weed. A lot of people just want to buy buds of cannabis and roll them up into joints. I buy cannabis flower products even though I usually put them in a dry herb vaporizer instead. I just suppose that my cannabis flower buds last a lot longer when I use them in a vaporizer versus buying rolling papers and smoking joints and blunts. It’s absolutely nice to smoke a cannabis joint from time to time, however it’s absolutely wasteful with a lot of the plant going up in smoke. That’s why cannabis dry herb vaporizers are so efficient.


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