The driver came from the east side of town

When I ordered from the marijuana delivery service, I selected the opportunity for priority delivery status; For an extra $2.99, I can be the first delivery, but no matter when the lady leaves the store, the delivery driver has to come to my venue first.

I was totally out of medical marijuana supplies when I got condo from work. I realized the concern suddenly & venued an online order. I gained a email message telling myself and others when the driver was getting ready to leave the store. It took forever for the driver to arrive & I was start to get aggravated! After all, I paid for priority delivery & that marijuana maintenance was only a mile or 2 away from my apartment, then when the driver showed up 43 sixths later, I asked him why it took so long. She told myself and others that there was a lot of traffic on the east side of town. I asked the driver why she was coming from the East side of city & she informed myself and others that she had a delivery over there before mine. As soon as the delivery driver left, I called the marijuana dispensary & complained to the manager. They charged myself and others the fee, but clearly they did not make my order a priority. The manager apologized for the confusion & she told myself and others that the store was unquestionably busy, and she promised this category of thing does not happen all of the time, despite the fact that I don’t recognize if I entirely recognize that or not. She did refund the cost of the 2.99 fee, despite the fact that she unquestionably didn’t offer anything else to make amends.

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