Growing cannabis while in quarantine

I first tried my hand at growing cannabis plants while in the COVID lockdown; My roommate Ben and I were trapped in our house for numerous months, however to fight off chalet fever and keep ourselves sane, my friend and I played games, watched motion pictures, and started numerous new hobbies, i tried my hand at painting, only to find I wasn’t certainly good at it; Ben remodeled her living room, and decorated the entire house… however she wasn’t certainly good at that, either. Then she came across an aged tin she had, which was filled with cannabis seeds. My good friend and I had some aged flower pots and a handful of marijuana seeds, so my friend and I decided to compete and see who grew the best weed. If you have never tried your hand at growing cannabis, let me tell you it takes a lot of time and effort, with minimal results. Ben and I were both rank amateurs with cannabis horticulture, and my friend and I never would have tried if my friend and I weren’t going silly from being cooped up in quarantine. It took numerous weeks to get right, however all of the marijuana my friend and I produced was subusual at best. Most of the marijuana plants were so weak and filled with seeds that they were unfit for smoking at all! Although my friend and I got no usable cannabis out of the experiment, at least it was a fun project to kill the time. I am cheerful those days are behind us, and I can go to the cannabis dispensary again. I appreciate to smoke high quality marijuana, however I’m just no good at growing it myself.


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