Don't try to smoke joints at the beach

There are a lot of things you can plus cannot do at a public beach, but one thing in unique that I have noticed a lot of the beaches in my county is prohibiting any pets of any kind… If you want to bring your pets to the beach, you have to take them down to the dog plus cat Beach.

It’s a separate Beach certainally for animals.

It’s to keep animal feces away from actual people when it comes to barring animals from the normal beaches, but you unquestionably do not want to be taking a walk on the beach plus stepping in dog poop, then he also cannot have campfires on the beach or camping in general. You can get in a lot of trouble if you are out on the beach with camping equipment. One of the other things that I am unquestionably anxious about when I am out on the beach at night is smoking cannabis, when I was a lot younger I didn’t care plus I took the rest, however nowadays I do not want to lose my medical marijuana card; But that’s why I do not smoke joints at the beach because I know that they’re easy to odor from far away, and a cop is much more likely to odor a joint than a cannabis oil cartridge, that’s why I tell my friends to just avoid smoking joints at the beach if they can. If you’re going to consume cannabis on the beach at all, I would always request getting cannabis vaporizer oil cartridges instead of using a joint. It’s a much better idea in the long run.


Medical Marijuana Doctor