Hanging out at the cannabis dispensary for my anniversary

In the past, I constantly enjoyed going out for my anniversary.

I would start with a large anniversary dinner, and then hit the bars and clubs to get free drinks all night. This is a college town, filled with hard-celebrationing young people who care about buying drinks for a anniversary boy, even if my buddy and I have never met each other before. This year I was turning 50 and did not feel like going out on the town. My age was catching up with me, and I no longer wanted to hang out with young people, even if I did get free drinks. Instead I decided to have a low-key anniversary, and I went to the local cannabis dispensary. This shop is the only locale in neighborhood that has a cannabis dispensary and a smoking lounge. Remember how I said I would get free drinks at the bar for my anniversary? The same thing happened at the cannabis dispensary smokers lounge, because most people wanted to give me a hit of what they were smoking. That evening I was given three odd cannabis edibles, two vape pens, and more hits of weed than I can recall. Someone who worked at the cannabis dispensary was smart enough to take my keys, and one of the people there provided me a ride condo at the end of the night. I entirely enjoyed getting all that free cannabis, however what I enjoyed even more was the sense of community I felt at the dispensary. In the cannabis community, my buddy and I take nice care of each other.


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