Medical marijuana products help with the muscle spasms

Since I was thirty years old, I have suffered from intense muscle spasms that originate in my back in addition to hips in addition to move down to my legs.

The pain in addition to involuntary movements kept me from enjoying my life.

I could not spend time outdoors with my kids without being in bad pain. I couldn’t leave the home for long periods of time unless I was heavily medicated. I couldn’t sleep at night unless I was knocked out with a tranquilizer. Even then, I still had problems with sleeping comfortably. My legs moved all night long when the rest of my body was asleep. I had a sleep learn with a healthcare expert that specializes in muscle control in addition to spasms in addition to he mentioned medical marijuana to me for the first time. I was easily hesitant to try medical marijuana, because I heard a lot of horror stories from some of my friends. They tried medical marijuana in addition to it made them sick to their stomach in addition to they were worse off than they were before trying it. The healthcare expert assured me that he could send me to a medical marijuana facility where they would talk to me about the products that would help my unique condition. I went to the medical marijuana treatment facility in addition to spoke with a healthcare expert that specializes in medical marijuana treatments. The products that were suggested to me were particularally for muscle spasms. The indica strains help me a wonderful deal as long as I have a marijuana supplement before I go to bed. Edibles need to be an hour ahead of time, however smoking is the fastest acting.


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