The cannabis strain was more of an indica than a sativa

Cannabis strains can be vastly different from one plant to the next.

  • Some cannabis strains are more uplifting plus energizing, while others leave you feeling tired plus ready for a nap.

I went to the cannabis shop plus I picked up a couple products. One of the products was a brand new cannabis strain called Caribbean fire. The cannabis strain was supposed to be a sativa hybrid. The cannabis strain was the first thing that I opened when I got back that day. I looked at the buds plus they were actually lush plus plump. I was cheerful about the amount of stem in the product. I hate when I get a cannabis strain that is almost all stem. It has to be trimmed down plus prepared before it goes into the grinder or I cannot put it inside of a cone. The cone will rip if there is the tiniest part of the stem inside of the cannabis blend. I filled a 1 gram cone with some of the Caribbean fire cannabis strain. I smoked the entire joint by myself. The stream was actually flavorful plus I could tell that it had limonene terpenes inside. The Cannabis strain tasted like lemons plus grapefruits… Unluckyly, it seemed to be much more of an indica than a sativa, and when I was done with the 1 gram cannabis pre-roll, I felt like I needed to take a nap. I was expecting to be energized plus filled with energy to complete some chores however I was lazy plus wanted to sit down on the bed instead.



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