I had 23 marijuana deliveries on Saturday night

Saturday night was easily one of the busiest nights I can remember having at the marijuana dispensary and delivery service. I have been there for almost a year and we weren’t even this busy on 420. We had a lot of people in the store that day and delivery services were busy too, but I never had a single night with as many deliveries as I did on saturday. I had a total of 23 different marijuana deliveries. I was lucky to have a couple of different batches. Three orders went to the same apartment complex and two orders on the other side of town were in the same neighborhood. I drove all over the city delivering marijuana to customers that ordered from the website. At the end of the night I looked at all of my tips and counted up the dollars. After I added all of the online tips, I realized that I had made more than $300 in tips from the deliveries. After 23 deliveries, that wasn’t too bad. I put 350 miles on my car that night and I had to fill up with gas the next day. It cost me $80 to put gas in the car. I still ended up with a pretty good amount of money after putting gas in the car. I worked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday and during those 4 days I made enough money in tips from the marijuana deliveries to pay for a whole month of rent. It’s busy during the summer and now is the time to start saving if I can.


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