My buddy was not sure if she would be hired at the pot shop

My best buddy moved over to the West Coast to live with me and she has been trying to get a job working at the local pot shop.

I work at a bank, so I don’t commonly smoke a lot of marijuana.

My best buddy smokes basically everyday. She wakes up in the day and starts smoking tons of marijuana and she does not stop until she goes to sleep at the end of the day. I guess that marijuana works wonders and I would smoke for the whole course of the day if the bank would not frown on it. When my best buddy moved to this place, she right away put a lot of applications out there to various marijuana dispensaries. She didn’t have any calls, so she chose to take a job toiling at a temporary work agency. They had her cleaning up at a hotel for a period of time. The other day, my buddy finally had an interview at a pot shop that is just around the corner from my residence. The marijuana dispensary hired my buddy after they had an interview with her and spoke with her references. She had to pass a background check as well. My buddy is truly glad about the current job and I am enthusiastic too. She gets a pretty nice discount on all of the marijuana products in the dispensary too. That means I’ll be able to save some currency on the top shelf marijuana products that I prefer getting. Diamond infused buds are high-priced and so is THC-a powder. Since I don’t smoke a huge amount of marijuana to be entirely straightforward. I basically only buy the best of the best.

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