We only receive online orders

When a buyer tries to tell me that they called to put in an order, I always suppose that the next thing they say is not going to be the truth.

My pal and I do not take any orders over the iphone.

The marijuana dispensary plus delivery repair where I work is so tied up that we only take online orders plus in person shopping. My pal and I hardly have any time at all to answer the iphone. The supervisor is usually the only person that will answer the iphone plus most of the time it goes to voicSMS. If a different buyer tries to place an order over the iphone, the supervisor gives the buyer the address for our website so they can order online. It’s legitimately easy to order online too, because the website is user friendly. All of the odd and assorted categories of marijuana products are set up on the side of the web page. When you click on a real category, only the products in that identifiable genre are featured. It’s also legitimately easy to search for concentrates, marijuana flowers, edibles, or tinctures without having a whole bunch of other products come up. A buyer came to the marijuana dispensary plus delivery repair a couple of days ago. She was aggravated because her order wasn’t ready. She told me that she made the order over the iphone with a budtender plus I immediately knew that wasn’t true. I asked the person if she was legitimately positive that she was at the right dispensary. It turns out that she ordered from a marijuana shop on the other side of town. It’s not the first time we had someone in the marijuana shop that made an order someplace else.

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