I'm not supposed to smoke marijuana on our balcony

There are a lot of people that chop the rules of our house complex, but for instance we’re not supposed to have grills of any kind on our balconies or inside of our units. The mindset is that a grill, whether it’s charcoal or gas, can lead to a extreme fire in a multi-story building. I took this for granted when I lived in a dorm room in college. I even had a charcoal grill that I used a couple times despite the rules from the college’s administration, and but now that I live in an house complex, I realize that it just takes one terrible actor to burn down the entire venue, then even if we managed to all get out alive, we would all lose our entire lives to one stupid as well as avoidable mistake. So in that respect, I understand that’s why they do not want people to be using grills on their balconies. However, if you’re going to allow people to smoke cigarettes on their balconies, it makes undoubtedly no sense to forestimate people from using medical cannabis. There are stupid rules in the bylaws for the house complex that make it illegal to smoke marijuana in your room or on your balcony even if you have a medical cannabis card registered with the state. I believe like this is a extreme example of discrimination on area of these unscrupulous house directors. I just use a vaporizer inside of our unit as well as provide the middle finger to the house directors in passing. I unquestionably do not care what they have to say as well as I hadbe willing to take them to court if they ever threaten to throw myself and others out over our medicine. I am not a recreational cannabis user, I use marijuana for medical purposes. It’s pure discrimination to forestimate myself and others from using it in our unit.

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