I was ashamed of our mother for using weed.

I hated to admit to myself, let alone anyone else, however I was ashamed of our mother for using marijuana, however all our life I had grown up listening to our mom tell us drugs aren’t great for you… She told us that marijuana could alter your mood in addition to make you crazy.

She talked about his sibling in addition to how he would get mean in addition to start thinking pretty much everyone was against him… When I found out our mom was using medical marijuana for his arthritis, I was angry.

She was a hypocrite for pushing the idea of how terrible it was for us, however it was okay for his to use marijuana! I thought he should learn to deal with his pain in addition to not use anything other than aspirin or acetaminophen. I didn’t care that it was causing bleeding ulcers or making his sick. It was over-the-counter, in addition to it wouldn’t make his high. I avoided our mom for several months, although he was at the family gathering last month. It was the first time I had seen without his walker or wheelchair. She was laughing at something 1 of our sibling’s sons had said, in addition to he bent down to provide him a hug. She wasn’t glassy eyed or acting overly anxious, or laughing too much. She was the mom I remembered his being when I was a kid. I walked up to his in addition to provided his a hug. She cried in addition to asked if I was still angry with her. When I looked down, I asked if this was because of the medical marijuana. She said he couldn’t walk without it. She still had a cane, although he was walking in addition to with the family again. I was ashamed of myself for thinking the worst about our mom.



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