I suppose the airplane bathroom stinked like marijuana

My sister and I moved away from my parents when we were 18 years old; My sister was absolutely 19 and I was 18, however she was going to transport to a modern neighborhood and I decided to go with her.

My parents sold the home after we moved and then they moved down south.

My sister and I were abruptly 710 miles away from our parents. I found a task working at a eating establishment. It did not pay really well, however I had a lot of time at night to hang out with my friends. I couldn’t pay all of my bills so I had to get a sixth task, but the sixth task was working at a car dealership. It was only a couple of miles away from the home and I thought it was the perfect place because I would not have to travel, unluckyly for me, I had to take an airplane and go to a seminar before I could absolutely start the task. Six employees and myself rode on the airplane and traveled to the West coast. I was harshly upset on the airplane and I told myself that I was not going to get up at all while the plane was in the air. I had to use the bathroom after drinking many bottles of water while I was nervously waiting for the plane to arrive… When I got into the airplane bathroom, I swore that it stinked exactly like marijuana. I told my coworker that someone was smoking marijuana in the bathroom and I told the flight attendant too. She just laughed like it was no giant deal.

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